Caterham Wing Chun | Part Of The WCK UK Organisation

Sifu Jason Ludwig
Head Instructor

Hi, my name is Jason Ludwig and I’m the head instructor at WCKUK South Norwood, Coulsdon and surrounding areas. I started training martial arts in 1992 under a system called Wing Tai Chun, which consisted of my Dad's experience in Wing Chun Kuen and western boxing, and his masters formidable expertise in Tai Chi Chuan and various other styles. I also trained privately under some other well known Wing Chun Instructors and competition fighters of various martial backgrounds. During my time as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer for Whitgift School Combined Cadet Force, my Dad and I started teaching Wing Tai Chun to cadets.

This included annual demonstrations to pupils, teachers and high ranking officers in the British Army. To compliment my training I also competed in gymnastics. After secondary school, I took a short break to start a career in music (which I still do today), and eventually restarted my training in 2007 under the Wing Tsun system, and teaching it at a very basic level to kids and adults part-time. This lead me to finding The WCK UK Organisation, which I have been training under since 2010, and became a WCKUK Certified Instructor in 2014.

I also work in feature films and television as an actor, fight performer and musician, and have worked on 47 Ronin, Jack Ryan, Pan, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Electric Dreams, Aladdin and most notably in Kick Ass 2 as a stunt performer. Some of my earliest memories in life are training martial arts, specifically, Wing Chun, having been raised into it from the age of 4 it is not only my greatest passion but also my main career, teaching and training an average of 30 hours a week.

With the continually growing popularity of this great system, it became more important to train the most effective Wing Chun available in the south of England, and to train the Wing Chun which makes the most sense to me - I have found this with the WCK UK Organisation.

I hope to see you in one of my classes soon!


Fraaz Akhter

My Wing Chun journey started over ten years ago, where I met Sifu Jason and other instructors. Wing Chun's focus on efficiency, economy of movement and simplicity make it ideal for anyone.

Sifu Jason shares with his students the finer details and concepts which make a lot of difference to your training. I personally have noticed a lot of improvement in my own ability, having learnt from him both in class and in private sessions. It is a huge privilege to be a WCKUK Assistant Instructor which is possibly one of the best places to learn Wing Chun.

I find it rewarding knowing that students are using their time constructively, learning to defend themselves as well as improving self-discipline. I look forward to both developing my skills as well as helping others on their martial arts journey.

Alex Owen

When I was growing up, I was never interested in learning any martial arts and had very little exposure to it. It was not until my early 20s that I made the decision that I wanted to learn a martial art to better my self-defence, working in a policing-based career. The choices available to me of various martial arts, lineages and schools made this quite daunting, however I had to start somewhere and began looking around my local area at Wing Chun classes.

I tried out some classes in Surrey and Croydon areas, however they all seemed to be very robotic in their approach to training and didn’t feel right, so chose not to pursue them. I then discovered WCKUK Organisation around 2015 and contacted Sifu Jason Ludwig to arrange my free trial lesson. This turned out to be one of my greatest decisions in my life, and quickly discovered that WCKUK’s approach to teaching Wing Chun was the most suited to me.

What started off as a casual hobby has increasingly become a core part of my life whilst training under Sifu Jason Ludwig, and now I train multiple classes per week and also take private lessons to progress my training.

In 2019 I have become an Assistant Instructor for WCKUK Kids in Coulsdon and South Norwood under Sifu Ludwig and am loving every minute of this opportunity. Now I have discovered my passion for training and teaching in Wing Chun, my long-term aspiration is to become a Sifu within WCKUK Organisation.